Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tips For Men

  • Never make it obvious that you are checking out another woman when you are on your date. Woman live with so much pressure on them already to be attractive… this just brings out our insecurities.

  • Don’t do all the talking. Some men get nervous and don’t listen… important for her to engage in the conversation to keep her interest.
  • Always offer to pay for the first date. It will leave a positive lasting impression. Women may be more independent, but we still like to feel feminine and taken care of.
  • Don’t be late. Unless there is a really good reason, many of us get turned off. Always make sure you call to tell her.
  • Don’t talk about your “size” on the first date. No matter what size you are…
  • Don’t swear too much. Too much potty mouth makes us wonder if we can take you anywhere.
  • Don’t hesitate to pull out your wallet to buy the popcorn. Women worry about cheap men. If you are broke, then that a whole other story.
  • Don’t date if you are still in love with someone else. Someone else won’t change how you feel and you will only hurt the person you are with.
  • Don’t belly gaze and whine.
  • Don’t be too sexually aggressive too soon. Let her come onto you first. That way you know she is ready.
  • Don’t lead her on if you are not interested. Some men just string women along for possible sex…. not cool, especially if she cares about you.

Mistakes I have made: