Saturday, June 5, 2010

More Stupid Tips for Plenty of Fish Users

I just want to say, most men are really good and kind creatures. This is just from some of my own experiences and thoughts.. and a bit of humor (hopefully).

  1. If there is a trailer park in the background of your pictures, most women will run for their life.
  2. If your teeth are closer to the colour of wet hay- consider white strips. Remember we are kissing you and might just run when you smile.
  3. Stop it if the “lols.” It is juvenile when you are past 30. ESPECIALLY when you are past 40!
  4. I wouldn’t use the word “ladies.” There are women and there are girls and yes, there are other titles- just enough with the lady talk. What is a lady in 2010 anyways?
  5. I wouldn’t self promote so much. I am hoping the “self-help- me, myself and I” phase is coming to an end in our society. We should all stop talking about ourselves so much; telling people how wonderful we are. Very few are really THAT wonderful, the rest of us are full of shit.
  6. I wouldn’t use pictures taken in front of the mirror with your shirt off or pictures posing and doing the “mirror face” in front of the computer. It is oddly uncomfortable looking at these pictures. Pictures of your car make me feel a weird too. And you house.. could I move in?
  7. I would never create a fantasy about the person before meeting them. It is easy to fall in love with an idea of who someone may be and a good photo- don’t get caught in that or you might be really disappointed or the other person may feel too much pressure and back out. All that time talking on the phone.. No one is perfect and we all come with our own history.
  8. Stupid vanity. Because we are going through an incredibly selfish phase in human history, vanity and narcissistic behavior have taken on a major role. It is a great disadvantage to appear arrogant and vain and ignorance with the ball and chain that will sink us in the end-already is really when you think about it.
  9. If men are decided on having children, I recommend dating women who are decided as well. Being undecided, I loath being asked at the beginning of dating about family and children. I feel like my uterus is been reviewed for future development. Actually, it feels like a future hostile take-over. I am not looking for the father of my children and resent being put into that situation to begin with. So only the undecided for me. No pressure, thanks.
  10. Stupid casual sex. First of all, women aren’t really built with dealing with the aftermath of casual sex like men can: we struggle and feel pain afterwards but continue along this destructive path because of stupid expectations and ridiculous hope.
that's it folks..