Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What is going on?

I have no doubt that disillusion has set itself into my thinking. Not just about love, but with life as well.

Watching the BP oil blow out: I imagine how all the life in the ocean is suffering, the same ocean I have come to adore and cherish; the lies being told; people being bought off for their silence.

Our economies are collapsing; Israel just made another mistake and apparently North Korea has once again misbehaved. Do I believe everything that I read? No, not really. Do I believe in the governments? No.

After reading about the Rothschild’s, the richest family in the world, which could be worth hundreds of trillions of dollars, I am seeing the world we live in very differently.

The most dangerous of all people are pulling the strings of our futures and most of us are not paying any attention. We are too busy, too distracted. What is the Bilderberg group up to tomorrow when they meet up in Spain? Why is everything they do such a secret? Cash truly is king, isn’t it?

So, how smart are we? What do we really know about the world and how life is unfolding?

Let’s get back to love: in my opinion, protective men are the sexiest of them all; the men that don’t leave you feeling vulnerable and alone; the ones that want to make sure you are taken care of. I am not talking about controlling men or bullies; I am simply referring to men who had pride in their ability to respect and care for a woman.

Also, smart men. The more I inform myself, the less patience I have for ignorance. How can someone be protective if they are clueless to what is happening in the world? I want to feel safe… and loved. I would love him so much just for that.

If only he knew..