Thursday, January 28, 2010

What is Sexy..

  • Before a date, have a shower. There is something sexy about a freshly showered man.
  • Wear a touch of cologne. Never wear too much. Ask the saleswomen what women go crazy for. Some cologne can have an opposite effect.
  • Being there early. It shows class.
  • Being dressed nicely. It shows style.
  • Being in a good mood. It rubs off on us.
  • Confidence. It is just damn sexy.
  • Your full attention. It is reassuring.
  • Don’t give compliments if you don’t mean them. It is meaningless and makes us feel foolish for believing you.
  • Don’t behave like you are interested if you are not. Be polite but don’t misguide.
  • Enjoy our individuality.
  • Have authentic charm and be yourself.