Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Tips For Men

If you are truly interested in someone and really want to be successful- I really recommend not writing the following:

· “wanna chat?” Reminds me of “ wanna fuck?”

· “My name is Dick, I am 5’9”, love life and my 3 cats. I have a big heart and my friends can’t believe I am single… with my 3 cats…” - Copy, paste. A big no- no!

· “how r u?”- Spend the time to write a complete sentence.

· If you are over 33, never write “lol” in your emails or profile. Especially many times in one sentence. It can dry us up like a clam on a hot beach with no shade.

· “hey baby”- Didn’t your mother teach you manners? Your sister? Aunt?

Some tips for profiles:

· Never write: “I work” or “One that I love” for profession. It tells us nothing about you. You could be working at a strip bar for all we know or a drug dealer. Wait a minute…

· Never say you are a good-looking guy. You come across as vain. We will decide if you are or not- to us. Men are sexier when they don’t flaunt it.

· Never make your occupation sound more impressive than it actually is. We will be disappointed.

· Never write “women” in your interests or “sex”. We know, we know.

If a woman does not respond:

· She could be not attracted to you. It is that simple.

· She thinks you are nuts because you look nuts in you photos.

· She sees a major incompatibility. You are a big camper and she loves five star hotels.

· You are a student and can’t afford the 5 star hotels.

· Too short, too tall.

· You wrote xox after the email. Yuck.

· You called us “Babe, Honey, Sweetie... please. You are a stranger and should use these words unless you are officially dating us. It is patronizing.

· You are too young, too old.

· You seem creepy.

· It is obvious that you are looking to “hook up”.

· You are too good-looking and won’t be able to keep up or fight off all of the beautiful women who will want to sleep with you.

· You have too many kids, alimony and probably no money.

· You live somewhere where she would never want to even visit.

· You have 5 cats. She hates cats.

· She is allergic to cats.

· You come across as damaged goods, depressed or angry.

· You don’t want kids and she does, you want kids, she doesn't.

· She does not want to deal with your kids or ex-wife.

· You are separated, not yet divorced. She left you and you could be still in love with her.

· She does not see any long-term potential, you smoke or do drugs. financially unstabe.. could be anything.

... you never asked us a question... what are we responding to? look like her father, ex-boyfriend, past stalker.. have a mustache and so does her father.

If a woman does not respond, it could be for any reason. She also could be tired or in a bad mood. Maybe she meant to, but forgot. Women can get bombarded with emails. If you write her again, and still no response- move on. Or try again in a couple of months. We can change our minds with time and experience. Never "blow up" at her in a email for not responding. This is a major red flag. Some have done this to me in an email and it is very unpleasant. Good luck!